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B.E. Construction Ltd

Our Services

Our Services

Full Process Exterior Restoration

With the natural and unnatural deterioration of construction constantly occurring, B.E. Construction provides lengthy experience and quality workmanship in all Exterior Restoration Projects. Including but not limited to all concrete repairs (including balcony work), balcony railings, window replacement, exterior moulding repair/replacement, caulking and waterproofing.

E.I.F.S. & Exterior Building Envelope

We specialize in the wide range of applications encompassed in E.I.F.S. (Exterior Finished Insulated System), Exterior Mouldings as well as Exterior Paint and Caulking. Bringing over 30 years of combined experience helps to craft an efficient and cost effective plan leading to a top quality desired finished product. Through our various realms of work we display the ability to cater to a wide range of client's needs. 

Interior Work & Renovation

Our company has experience and knowledge is a wealth of renovation projects. Working with private owners to create a project of their dreams or with apartment owners looking to revamp and renew the look of their units, B.E. Construction can make it a reality. From flooring to furnishing we handle it all.

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